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Job Title
Growth Hacker
Full Time
We are looking for smart individuals with a 'think outside the box' approach to growth.

Our SaaS Platform helps Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Growth Hackers build Growth Automations on top of Integromat. If you are interested to work in a 'Growth Focused' company and help us test, create and scale Growth Hacks we would love to hear from you! Our Goal is to build the number 1 Growth Hacking Tools on the Market, that is both Powerful & Flexible whilst remaining simple to use.

Desired Skills
  • - Experience in Automation (Integromat, n8n, Zapier)
  • - LinkedIn Automation & Cold Outreach
  • - Experience in CRO (A/B Testing & Optimisation)
  • - Copywriting Experience (Email & Website)
  • - Comfortable with JSON, APIs and HTML
  • - Experience growing throught Customer Lifecycle (AARRR)
Marketing Stack

Tools we work with on a day to day basis

  • - Tracking: Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Hotjar, Segment
  • - CRO: Google Optimize
  • - Email: Mautic, Intercom & Gmail API
  • - Design: Figma
  • - Tech: Node.js, Puppeteer, Express
  • - Automation: Integromat & Custom Scripts
  • - Project Management: Airtable, Miro