APIs for Growth Marketers.

Access Growth Hacking APIs, Plugins & Scrapers that can be embedded into your existing Growth Channels.


Better Tools, Better Growth.

Step up your Marketing Game, High-Quality APIs, Scrapers, Automation Tools and Workflows to outgrow your competitors.

Setup in Minutes

Choose one of our Tools, with simply yet flexible documentation. You'll be automating your Marketing Outreach in minutes. Build Custom Workflows, or integrate directly with Zapier or Integromat.

  • Lead Generation

    Automate your Lead Generation. Scrape targeted Websites for Phone Numbers, Emails, Social Media and check which Website Plugins they use to segment your leads.

  • Outreach Tools

    Put your LinkedIn Outreach on Autopilot (with a tool you can trust). 100% Automated, runs in the cloud and 100% personalized.

  • Data Extraction

    Extract Data from Competitors, LinkedIn, Google and almost anywhere else.

Easy To Use.

Usually Growth APIs are complex to setup, with bad User Experience and Dashboards - consider that problem, solved.

  • Drag n' Drop Workflow Builder

    Integrate our APIs into Integromat or Zapier with one simple click! Build complex Growth Hacking Flows. Visit our YouTube for some inspiration ;)

  • Flexible Integrations

    You'll never feel restricted. Sync new Leads to your CRM, sync LinkedIn Messages anywhere, Email New Leads discovered on LinkedIn!


Simple, Clear Pricing

Access all our APIs and receive simple, clear monthly allowances to drive growth for your business.


$ 19 /month
  • 1,000 Monthly Credits

  • Onboarding & Setup of our API

  • 20+ Linkedin Automation Modules

Most popular


$ 49 /month
  • 3,000 Monthly Credits

  • Onboarding & Setup of our API

  • 20+ LinkedIn Automation Modules

  • Priority Customer Support

  • Private Slack Group


$ 149 /month
  • 10,000 Monthly Credits

  • Onboarding & Setup of our API

  • Everything in Growth

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Do I need to code?
We support an expanding library of no-code tools (such as Integromat, Zapier and more soon), but also provide access to our rich and well-documented API.
How can I use the Growth Hacking Integromat tool?
Simply click this link to start using our tools on Integromat: integromat.com/en/apps/invite/4dc9c3238122db4de8b37b88541ed998
What tools are included?
LinkedIn Connection Request Sender, LinkedIn Message Sender, LinkedIn Message Extractor and LinkedIn Profile Scraper. We're currently working on several more APIs that will be rolled out in the following weeks - stay tuned!
What tools do you plan on releasing?
Website Scrapers, Reddit Automations, Product Hunt Automations, Google Search Scaprers, LinkedIn Search & Connect and other components to extract data to help fuel your growth ambitions.
I manage multiple Linkedin accounts - do you support that?
Yes, simply connect one or 100s of your Linkedin accounts in our dashboard and start automating. No need to ever update cookies again either. We have got you covered!
Can you help me build my automations?
For select clients we are able to support you in building custom automations, help integrate our API in your workflows and advise on optimal growth systems. Just get in touch via Live Chat, our dashboard or private Slack group.


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